singles - July, 13

Year Artist Title Genre B-Side Album
1964 The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Brit Beat "I Should Have Known Better" A Hard Day's Night
1964 The Beatles "I Should Have Known Better" Brit Beat [B-Side] A Hard Day's Night
1967 The Byrds "Lady Friend" Folk-Rock "Old John Robertson" [Single]
1979 The Flying Lizards "Money (That's What I Want)" Post-Punk "Money B" The Flying Lizards
1982 Glenn Frey "The One You Love" Pop-Rock "All Those Lies" No Fun Aloud
1992 Michael Jackson "Jam" Pop-Soul Rock With You [Remix] Dangerous
1956 Elvis Presley "Don't Be Cruel" Rockabilly "Hound Dog" [Single]
1956 Elvis Presley "Hound Dog" Rockabilly [B-Side] [Single]
1974 Dionne Warwicke & The Spinners "Then Came You" Philly Soul "Just As Long As We Have Love" New And Improved
1968 Steppenwolf "Born To Be Wild" Proto Metal "Everybody's Next One" Steppenwolf
1967 The Byrds "Old John Robertson" Folk-Rock [B-Side] The Notorious Byrd Brothers